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The Following People Have Been and Are Awesome/Essential to the Success of This Project. In No Particular Order:

@itsnotashes - for general awesomeness and a f***ton of free data.

@kh4st3x - for integrating this with his popular project h8mail and general awesomeness/support

@LaNMaSteR53 - for general awesomeness, support (moral and spiritual), and integration with his popular project recon-ng. Oh and also for dealing with me changing my APIs constantly and forgetting to give him a heads up.

@goobstersec - for general awesomeness, lots of normalization work, help with integration to other projects, and generally just being an all around good dude.

@5C4R48 - for normalizing over 150 databases and stealing all the work from everyone. For being an OG, used-to-be Hyperion Grayer. Sorry for that time I fired you bud.

. Also greetz to your company @blackmiragesec <3.

If I forgot to add your name, let me know :). Thanks to everyone who uses and supports this project and fights back when people start causing Twitter tizzies about this.