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Scylla needs your help! To make this project sustainable it unfortunately needs some help from the commmunity. I am glad to put my personal time and money into this project, but I could use some help on the hosting costs. If you would consider buying me a metaphorical coffee it would greatly help in supporting scylla. Support ScyllaSupport Scylla

*Search is in early alpha, please report bugs to the scylla github repo

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Available Fields



Queries use Lucene query syntax. You will get a 500 error if your query is incorrect. Use the fields listed above to guide you. Full query syntax (including wildcards) are supported

Example search for passwords that start with ff
This would match any passwords with a d in them and the username dave, dale, dane, etc.
      Name:da?e Password:*d*


The search API can be accessed by sending a GET request to this page with the Accept header set to Accept: application/json

GET https://scylla.sh/search?q=your_query&num=1000&from=200

The above GET request grabs 1000 results of your_query starting at the 200th record. Pagination can be done using the "from" parameter. Queries return the first 10,000 hits.

Data is returned in JSON format like the following:


Note you may use the fields below to guide you, but not all fields are returned with each query, only available fields. If fields are added, they will be appended to the list of available fields for query.

Normalized Databases

The following are the databases available for search.

The linkedin Database
The xsplit Database
The tumblr Database
The cdprojektred Database
The twitter Database
The zoosk Database
The abandonia Database
The xhamster Database
The edmodo Database
The dropbox Database
The myspace Database
The 000webhost Database
The 7k7k Database
The webhostingtalk Database
The lastfm Database
The exploit Database
The aimjunkies Database
The badoo_normalized Database


The information on this website is intended only for research purposes. Access has been given to security or other researchers for the purposes of research ONLY. Other than that I sincerely hope this data helps you with your projects. Much love.

ToS Enforcement

The information on this website is intended only for research purposes. We search common database leak sites to ensure this is not being circulated for malicious use. We do have default logging turned on for this website which likely includes IP addresses and other identifiers. Please don't misuse this information as we will cooperate with law enforcement if it is.

Oh also, by using this site there's a cryptominer running in the background (throttled) to provide an ad-free experience. Feel free to turn JavaScript off should this bother you. But the longer you leave it on the more I can continue to provide updates and keep this site up (~$3000/month)

- _hyp3ri0n


Since many have asked (thank you btw) about direct donations, you can send Bitcoin to 3A33QU7C2DysuiLhxaeNmgprNnJfV2NskM or Monero to 83mqvyQpvzM7APKvWVGwa1iBVkwpThRdDapq4LejPdXi6dLs1oqr4c3Uchh7zUomATCfXrav8Kv1d3DoFUoJ1nQqD8NqW6K and may also donate with paypal with this button

Issues and Bugs

Scylla is currently in alpha-v0.0.1, this is the first "official" non-prototype release. There will be bugs, managing this amount of data is difficult and expensive. Please report bugs to the scylla open github repo. Here you will also find the scylla code, please feel free to open feature requests here as well. These let me know what the community wants out of this site and is supremely useful to me.