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Donations: ~$1010/mo.
Projected cost: ~$19,000/mo.

Scylla State

Scylla is one of the largest aggregators of db dumps out there, certainly the largest free one that provides full wildcard and wildchar search over all fields. Though the goal of a community project is not to make money, it'd be awesome to get monthly donations up a bit. Due to the massive influx of data from the crowdsource program and DB donations, my costs have gone up about 3x what they were. As it is the project is ad and cryptominer free by popular request. However, in order to make this viable long-term, I do need a bit of help from the community. I don't particularly care if I break even, bringing this cost even a bit down would make it viable long-term. I have some stuff that I can do that will decrease the power of scylla slightly and I will keep everyone posted. I just wanted to be transparent about costs vs how many donations I get, I currently have 15 total donors and 1 anonymous sponsor (you are awesome btw).

I'm very clear that no one asked me to do this, and no one is going to be forced to pay for scylla.sh, it will always be free and open source (and the data open source as well). However, the response from the community in terms of usage has been overwhelming, with well over a million hits every month. Those of you that use it a lot: if you have the means to donate or help in any way (check out the crowdsource page), I urge you to please do so. This transparency report will be updated monthly showing costs vs. donations. You will never see donations exceed costs (i.e. I don't ever intend to make money off of this project). The goal is simply sustainability for the community. If donations don't go up, I'm going to put up mandatory video ads. Just kidding. I'm not Satan. Thanks everyone!

Since many have asked about direct donations, you can send Bitcoin to 3MpFsXKEpxSGzibCTxnceyZ6i3jSQDLzf3 or Monero to 4ADfkWQYwZ1Bix5W1tYrEX8hUC32z3ejeHa88Zc8GRfnhfhy2mgmqMLHdiAp9nXh4pDYnwquHvmddZ3nWhngyLzt3Q8jcxx and may also donate with paypal with this button

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